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Artists Darya Golubina and Mila Matveeva started Kate & Bear in the winter of 2008 in New York City as an organization dedicated to bringing a piece of the pie to artists. We aim to build a lattice of support, opportunity and creativity for individuals working in any medium by engaging with and within a community through art shows and interactive events. Think of us as an agency without all the agency. Contact us: kateandbear@gmail.com


☆。*☽Halloween Haven☾*。☆

happy (sort of) start of fall

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hi! i’ve decided this is the best place to actively share my current work, so look out for future posts from me here.

for now, you can always view some of my latest over at carbon made

via National Geographic:

Photographer David Doubilet was on assignment for National Geographic photographing wildlife in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence when he photographed this colorful and exotic-looking lion’s mane jellyfish in Bonne Bay. The beauty of this creature drifting in the crystal-clear waters underscores what there is to lose as years of overfishing, warming waters, and possible offshore drilling cause concern for the health of the gulf’s ecosystem.


Bagels for New York Magazine

reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud! love!


For New York's Fall Fashion Issue, photographer Bobby Doherty inserted items from the season’s runways into stills from iconic movies, from Belle du Jour to American Hustle. Click through the gallery ahead to see Cleopatra in Stella McCartney, Barbarella in Gucci, Marie Antoinette in Dior, and more.”

I worked really hard on this! Here is the whole slide show. Enjoy!


The most elegant marvel Mila Matveeva created this fetching flyer for Courtship Ritual’s only live appearance in September 2014 ~ http://www.milamatveeva.com/

this show is going to be amazing! ^______-

thought a lot about cotton candy for our “Heaven” show…

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Looking through Kate Kosek's work is reminding me how much I also love painter and textile designer Kindah Khalidy.

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